Email filtering that you don't have to think about.

Heluna is quick to set up and requires no maintenance on your part.

Works with your infrastructure

Heluna can filter messages no matter what mail server you're using.

Exchange user? cPanel? Postfix? Sendmail? No matter what mail server you're running, or even if you're using a hosted mail solution, Heluna can work for you. A quick two-minute change to your domain's DNS MX records, and Heluna will start filtering messages for you, and only delivering the "clean" messages to your mail server.

Messages destined for your domain wind up being delivered to the Heluna servers, where we analyze and filter out spam messages. That leaves only the clean messages for your users, which we then deliver directly to your mail server.

For extra security, you can make sure that email connections to your mail server only come from Heluna, to eliminate what we like to call "transient spam", where a spammer will ignore a domain's MX records and attempt to directly connect to your mail server themselves.


Fast filtering and delivery

We filter out spam and deliver clean messages to you within seconds.


When a message comes into the Heluna system, we apply thousands of filters, including our proprietary sender reputation filters, shared block lists, machine learning algorithms, and message content filtering. All of these filters run within seconds, and only clean messages wind up getting delivered to you.

If your mail server goes offline, that's no problem. We'll continue to hold onto your messages for up to a month, and then once your server comes back online, those queued messages will be automatically delivered to you.

Unlimited usage

No matter what your setup is, a Heluna account will work for you.

Your Heluna account can protect an unlimited number of domains, an unlimited number of mailboxes, and an unlimited number of messages. You're only charged for the clean messages that we deliver to your mail server. With one of our pre-paid plans, you can save even more.

Example A: 2 users, in 2 domains, getting 5 clean messages per day for a total of 300 clean messages per month = $0.75 per month

Example B: 30 users, in 5 domains, getting 50 clean messages per day for a total of 45,000 clean messages per month = $15 per month

See our pricing calculator →


Robust client dashboard

Manage all of your preferences, quarantine, and delivery from one location.


Within the client dashboard, you can see logs of every message that was destined for your account, and statistics about all the domains in your account.

Users in any of your domains can set their own custom preferences, or you can set domain-wide (or account-wide) preferences as well, including approved senders, blocked senders, filter sensitivity, quarantine digest frequency, and much much more.